What does the “Karen” haircut look like? Should you get it done?

Karen haircut

My hairs are my life….Well said Parachute! I think every girl would agree with you on this line.

Hairs are the most cherished feature for a woman. Choosing the right oil, care, or hairstyle is very important for a woman. According to a study, a Woman spends 14,000 hours taking care of her hair.  Yup…that much

Have you ever heard about the Karen haircut? Well…Karen haircut is a don’t in the hair industry. Most of the woman avoids Karen haircut. In 2020, it was the most trolled hairstyle. Several Memes and jokes were made on Karen hairstyle.

Are you intrigued? How does the Karen haircut look like?  Well, no issue…

Karen- I want to speak to the Manager!

The term Karen is used for the middle-aged white woman who wants everything according to her way.

These lines are used to depict them, Call the manager!, Eager to call 911 for every small issue, being racist, outspoken, and judging.

What is a Karen haircut?

Now we come to a Karen haircut…We can say it’s a haircut associated with Karen.

In simple words, an inverted Bob or Lob. The front section hair is longer than the back section. When viewed from the side, looks angular. It is short, voluminous, layered, and bulky highlighted.

Karen haircut example

Karen haircut example

A typical example of a Karen haircut is Kate Gosselin. Her haircut in 2008 is termed as mom’s hair. Often that hairstyle is associated with Karen depictions.

The hairstyle was an asymmetric pixel, with front long bangs and spiky layers.

How to avoid Karen haircut

Well, it’s totally up to you what you want to do to your hairs. I don’t criticize any hairstyle termed as Karen.

Each haircut is beautiful in its way. However, if you wish to avoid a Karen haircut then keep reading.

  • Avoid strong Color

One of the essential features of a Karen haircut is strong color highlights. Originally, it was highlighted with a blonde. Now the woman is using different strong colors.

But this can spoil your overall look as not many complexions can complement this style.

  • Ribbon curls

Curls look beautiful, but you should never curl your hair too much. By too much, I mean to the extent that it coils in too spiral. This doesn’t look flattering at all.

  • Too much Volume is a no

Bouncy, Voluminous is the dream of many. However, trust me, too much volume is the worst. Karen haircut has an over-teased crown that makes it look like you are wearing a hat on the crown.

  • Retro hairstyle

Old is gold but avoids any Retro haircuts. Any old-fashioned haircut has all those features of a Karen haircut.

  • No to choppy layers

Layers are beautiful, but choppy and obvious layers look awkward. Always opt for subtle and blended layers.

Karen haircut Meme

  • Here are some popular memes of a Karen haircut:
  • Believe in something. Even if you have to sacrifice a manager’s time.
  • Nightmares of every retailer, Karen.
  • A Karen calls 911 after a black asks her to leash her do in a public place.

Final Words

Well, don’t believe in any prejudices. I am not saying every woman having such a hairstyle is a Karen. Karen is just a term given to outspoken, rude Middle-aged English Women.

Why everyone tells you to avoid Karen hairstyle is simply because it doesn’t look good. However, if want to try any hairstyle say an inverted bob then go for it. You should decide what you want not others.

Moreover, it is a derogative term and therefore you should not use it anyhow.

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