What is Google? Everything We Could Gather

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Google is a search engine that provides results to the query you have searched for. The result includes pictures, text, news, maps, and videos. Google is one of the best company in the global market and the only search engine used in most of the countries across the world.

It was launched in 1998 by its founder named Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Though their core service is a search engine they also have their reach into various other products like an online advertisement, cloud computing, software, and hardware. It has it’s headquartered in California US.

The search engine by Google vanished all others in the market as its algorithm was very strong and comparatively user-friendly from others. It uses a web crawler that goes through millions of websites on Google. And then examines their content and thus creates keywords.

Later this gets indexed to help the search engine to precisely give results for the keyword typed by the user.

This Page ranking system helps it to grow and stand out from all those search engines who are on the extent of getting perished.

Some of the interesting features.

·         It is very user friendly and one can easily use the search engine by just typing out your query in the search box.

·         There is even no need to be sure about your spelling or type the whole thing, the suggestions will help you out there.

·         It provides the result almost instantly.

·         The Google tabs allow you to choose the form of result that you wish to see. For example All, Images, Videos, Maps, News, etc.

·         It allows you to search and get the result in different languages and some can access their result in their own language.

·         They have also provided Google chrome.

·         It allows the advertiser to advertise on their websites.

·         It gives values to its users and hence strives hard to keep up with our expectations.

·         Also, It has an ‘n’ number of products launched that is extensively used everywhere.

Some of the Products of Google.

1.       Google search engine

2.       Chrome

3.       Gmail

4.       AdSense

5.       YouTube

6.       Android

7.       App

8.       Ads

9.       Analytics

10.   Map

11.   Drive

12.   Play store

13.   News

14.   Pixel

15.   Assistant

16.   Chrome book

17.   Books

18.   Translate

19.   Docs

20.   Google Pay

These were some of the highly used products in day-to-day life from Google. One can find more about it by searching for it and you will get all the detail required.

As you know Google has grown immensely in all phases of technology and has become the highest revenue generating company in the technology sector.

It was originally known as BackRub at first but later the name was kept as Google.

The name is a play on the word Googol that is 1 followed by n number of zeros to indicate that they include the whole web. As Googol as the domain name was not available it was finally made to Google.