Who is the Rock Lee wife and Mother of Metal Lee?

mother of Metal Lee and Rock Lee's wife

Rock Lee is a fictional character of the popular Anime and manga series Naruto. He is a super interesting character in the Naruto series. He represented human weakness and determination. He couldn’t use ninjutsu or genjutsu skills due to his shortcoming. Despite that, he underwent special training to master taijutsu.

His character was often compared by Bruce lee and Noel Gallagher. Among the Naruto fan base, he is a popular character. But, there is a controversy about him. In the New Era, he appears with his child Metal Lee.

But, there is no mention of his mother. Metal Lee resembles his father. Fans are left confused about who is the mother of Metal Lee and Rock Lee’s wife.

Lets us try to figure it out….

Multiple theories about Metal lee mother

There are several theories on Rock Lee’s wife. While the majority of fan believes Tenten to be Rock Lees wife. Tenten is a childhood partner of Rock Lee.

Therefore, does it mean she is Metal Lee’s mother? Well, it can be possible but you cannot be sure.

Theories about Rock lees wife and Metal lees Mother

There can be three different theories on the mystery of Metal lees mom.

  1. It is highly likely for Tenten to be Metal Lee’s mother.
  2. Azami can be Rock Lees wife.
  3. Metal Lee can be an adoptive son of Rock Lee
  4. The writer didn’t think about Metal Lee’s mom or intentionally open-end it, leaving it to fans.

#Theory 1:

Tenten is the Mother of Metals Lee and the wife of Rock Lee.


  • Tenten is the closet girl beside Rock Lee. She is her teammate and cared for him.
  • Another situation where you can closeness between Tenten and Rock Lee is in the fight. Tenten lost the battle against Temari and was blown away. Soon Rock Lee came and held her in his arms.
  • You can see in the end credits where Rock Lee and Tenten are standing beside each other. Most of the couples were standing together.
  • While in a fight with Shikadai Naru a dragon appeared behind Metal Lee. It is similar to the rising of two dragons when Tenten uses her attack.
  • Metal Lee closely resembles his dad but his eyes are different. While Rock Lee’s eyes are round, Metal Lee’s eyes are sharper. It closely resembles Tenten’s eyes.


  • In an interview, Kishimoto commented on the topic. According to him, there is a huge possibility that Tenten is not Metals mother.
  • There is no mention that Tenten is a new era and is nowhere close to metal lee.
  • Tenten could be still unmarried.
  • Tenten died in the explosion while in the battle.

#Theory 2:

Azami can be Rock Lee’s wife.


  • She is closest to Rock Lee besides Tenten.
  • Azami is the granddaughter of Master Chen who Lee respects too much.
  • They often bump into each other, which might have made them fall for each other.


  • The fact supporting this argument is not enough and support.

#Theory 3:

Metal Lee can be an adoptive son of Rock Lee


  • Maybe Metal Lee is not the biological son of Rock Lee. He can be an orphan of the same Lee clan. Or, someone Rock Lee adopted.


  • Metal Lee physically resembles his father Rock Lee. They are Too Similar to be adopted.
  • Metal Lee has similar abilities and power as Rock Lee.
  • Metal Lee’s mother died early.

#Theory 4:

Rock Lee married some random girl.


  • Maybe Rock Lee married to some side character or an insignificant character.


  • Or maybe not.

#Theory 5:

The writer didn’t think about Metal Lees mom or intentionally open-end it, leaving it to fans.


  • It is possible that Writer didn’t think about Metal Lee’s mother.
  • She doesn’t have any significant role in the series.


  • It is also possible that Writer Masashi Kishimoto has something in his mind.
  • Rock Lee’s wife would be introduced later.
Final Words

Well, while there can be many theories regarding Metal Lees mother. It is not possible to conclude. All we can wait for Kishimoto to reveal the secret.

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