Adding Voice Search in Your WordPress and its Benefits

Add Voice Search in Your WordPress

We all are familiar with how voice search works and how useful it is. Whenever we are busy doing something and are unable to use our hands for searching for something on the internet, voice search is the only solution. Besides this, there are several other benefits, such as saving time and effort and keeping those in mind; adding the voice search feature in your WordPress sound interesting. Through this post, you will come to know how to add voice search in your WordPress and its benefits. 

Steps to add voice search in your WordPress

There are various methods of adding a voice search feature to your WordPress site. Allow us to see the simplest strides to do this effectively. 

  • Firstly, you need to do is discover a voice search plugin and install it. From that point forward, you need to activate the plugin to continue. Search plugin there are a couple of good ones. For instance, WP Fastest Site Search is a plugin that gives free voice search; when you locate a decent plugin like this, install it. 
  • When you activate the plugin, you don’t have to change any settings. It immediately starts working with no configuration. 
  • Presently go to the Appearance and afterward to the Widgets segment in the admin area. 
  • The following thing you need to do is add the default WordPress search widget to a sidebar. Suppose you beforehand have a search widget, overlook this step. 
  • Then go to your website and find the microphone icon in the WordPress search box. Tap on the showed icon, and you will see the text ‘Start Talking.’ 
  • Voice search is effectively added to your WordPress. Now, say the words, and the framework will search for them.

It is this simple to add voice search in your WordPress. Voice search will make the search process convenient and quicker. 

What are the benefits of voice search on a website? 

Add Voice Search in Your WordPress

Step up a WordPress website with a voice search feature will acquire many benefits not exclusively to the owner; however, the users also. For example, those with physical disabilities who experience issues composing in a console would now be able to include their questions through speech. Suppose you own an online business website, adding voice search will help a ton as far as transformation as potential customers will want to discover what they are searching for quickly. 

Voice search is additionally expected to fundamentally affect search engine optimization (SEO). For quite a long time, many site owners have utilized the possibility of keywords to help their websites rank higher. Notwithstanding, with Google’s Hummingbird update, it is relied upon to encounter a radical change. Presently search engines will assess a website dependent on contextual searches and not merely simple keywords. Suppose you are trying to improve your site’s ranking; now it is the best opportunity to consider adding a voice search feature.

Tips to add voice search to your WordPress website 

Before updating your site with the voice search feature, you should consider a few tips to get the best results. In the first place, the speed of your site’s loading time. A brisk loading page assumes a massive part in voice search SEO. Indeed, it has been uncovered that the average voice search result loads 52% quicker than the standard page. If you need to receive the total rewards of voice search, ensure that your page is optimized to load quicker. 

Something else you should consider is the readability of your content. Contents that are not difficult to peruse will, in general, rank quicker and higher through voice search. As per Backlinko, the average voice search result is only 29 words. It implies that Google is carefully searching for short yet brief answers as opposed to longer ones. You may likewise need to check if your contents are straightforward. Take a stab at utilizing apparatuses, like Hemingway Editor, to prevent your contents’ length, elocution, and formation – which are all fundamental in search engine optimization.