How to Deal with unexpected Job Loss?

Unexpected job loss

Due to the onset of COVID, it is not an alien thing that people have been losing jobs. There is no money being made and hence the company has to cut off employees. Workers who are especially owning a business are in such debt because there is literally no money that is been made as there are no people going outside to buy their supplies. All of this can bring a lot of anxiety and stress among people and of course degrade the economy. However, we have ways to help you with this. Look below

  • Realign your values and redefine your identity: With the job, the loss comes a lot of low self-esteem. Nobody wants to feel unwanted and unappreciated. Hence it is best that during this time you work on yourself, work on your values, find your identity, your goals. Basically, try to cope up with the new environment that is ahead of you.
  • Polish your skills, learn new skills:
    lockdown or Job loss is the best thing to again work on yourself, you can polish your skills or develop new skills. Plan strategies and upgrade your game. A lot can be done. For example, if you are a budding artist or a designer who has been experiencing Job loss then I would suggest you make new art, enhance your creative level, basically upgrade your game. Make new pieces, get new materials, and the most important thing- RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH!
  • Seek professional help and take care of yourself: a lot of the time the government forgets that our physical health is indeed related to our mental health. A person who has just lost his only job and his only source of income definitely will experience a lot of stress and anxiety. Anxiety about what may happen, how to start working again, the next steps and whatnot. In this case, it is not bad to seek professional help. Remember that we don’t want another problem ahead, hence please try to prioritize your mental health. There are many therapists, online and offline.
  • Start looking for internships: there are many sites that provide you with the facility of working from home. These are part-time or full-time internships related to various courses and fields that you can look out for. The duration of these programs is somewhere between 1-6 months and if they like you according to your work performance then they may give you a permanent job aspect as well. Hence this can turn out to be your ray of sunshine.
  • Try a startup: who says that you cannot work individually? This is the time to think out of the box and maybe try working on your own company or brand. For example, a budding artist can indeed sell her own art online or start her own clothing line.

At the end, remember to stay calm and focused, all of this is temporary and there is nothing to be worried about. All the best!