What does Short Forms mean on the iOS Weather Forecast app?

Weather Forecast

Are you the kind of person that loves to check the weather forecast and current news before you go out of your home? Well, if yes, then amazing. It is a good routine to follow as it can save your day.

However, if weather symbols look confusing to you then here is an article. Wondering what does “Smoke” means on the iOS weather forecast app?

Here we will analyze the meanings of different weather forecast symbols.

Weather Forecast

Weather forecasting is an application that uses current technology and science to predict the weather forecast of the desired place at the desired time.

It uses various kinds of readings like current humidity, temperature, wind, climate, etc to predict the weather. Though it is never accurate but is data, you can rely on.

Traditionally, the weather forecast is through barometer changes, current weather, and understanding sky conditions. This was a time-consuming process with low accuracy.

However, nowadays technology has made everything so easy. We can know the weather forecast from our mobile phones. There are many weather forecasts available in the markets.

These apps use several kinds of apps to demonstrate weather. Let us analyze them one by one.


Sunrise symbol means it is the time when the sun rises in the morning.


Sunset symbols the time when the sun sets down.


This symbol means that the day will be clear and sunny. There will be minimum or no clouds in the sky.

Partly Cloudy

Partly cloudy symbolizes that the sky is covered by clouds partly.


A dusty storm is approaching


weather forecast smoke

This symbol represents foggy weather due to the high amount of smoke in the air. This can be caused by nearby forest bura the Servicelarge blaze. The surroundings are affected by foggy weather with a burning smell.


This indicates foggy weather. This is caused by a high level of dew in the air in the winters.


This symbol symbolizes a windy day.


This symbolizes that the sky is clouded with clouds completely, and no part of the sky is visible.


This symbol symbolizes a thunderstorm upcoming.


This symbol indicates rainfall at a moderate rate.

Heavy Showers

This indicates a high amount of rainfall.


This symbolizes only drops of water are coming down from the clouds.


This indicates rainfall is accompanied by ice blocks.


This symbol indicates an upcoming tornado in the region.


This symbolizes a moderate amount of snow.

Scattered Snow

“Scattered” refers to the range of 30% to 60% coverage. So, even with “scattered” showers, half or less of the neighborhoods are expected to “get wet.”

Heavy Snow/Sleet

A heavy snowfall implies that there will be a high amount of snowfall and for a longer time.

Frigid Temps

Best Apps for Weather Forecasting (IOS)

iPhone comes with pre-installed weather apps but if you want to try some best for IOS platform.

  1. Dark SkyThis weather app is so good and reliable that Apple company itself brought it on 2020. This app is a premium one but shows accurate weather forecasts.
  2. The Weather ChannelThis is a wonderful weather forecast app with excellent reviews from its users. You can access hourly/daily/weekly forecasts. Moreover, these apps also give you information about viruses and upcoming hurricanes.
  3. Weather UndergroundThis app has many things to offers to its user. Smart forecasts, storm tracking, quality of air, temperature, etc. It also does not save your data. 
  4. 1Weather1Weather is an app that delivers weather information. It tracks hourly/weekly forecasts, sun and moon’s positions, view precipitation levels, etc. 
  5. Yahoo WeatherIf you are looking for a beautiful weather app then here is a perfect option for you. This app is a combination of all the best features of different apps.

The weather forecast was a tiresome and time-consuming process. However, with the current technology, you can easily get the weather prediction of the weather for another week.

The weather forecast apps use different data from the National Weather Service or another reliable source. Some even have their mechanism for data. The apps use this data to predict future weather conditions.

So which one is your favorites? Do comment in the comment section below.