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We are always on the lookout for ways to increase our life expectancy. While some factors, such as destiny, luck, and circumstances, are beyond our control, there are many we can keep a tab on to add years to our life.

From your mental and physical health to your diet and sleeping patterns, there are many factors within your control you can work on to promote longevity.

In this article, we have included seven tips that can help you in your journey to sustaining a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Monitor your physical health

It is vital to constantly check your physical health so that potentially chronic or terminal illnesses can be detected at an early stage. Early detection means quick and manageable treatment without having to drain your financial resources and well-being. Without a healthy and fit body, you will be unable to pursue your aspirations and make the most of your life. And if an illness becomes chronic or terminal, it will be harder to treat and cope with. Therefore, it is strongly advised to schedule regular appointments with your doctor and get yourself screened for potential illnesses.

For instance, asbestos exposure might lead you to develop mesothelioma decades later. Some early mesothelioma symptoms, which can easily be mistaken for something mild, include shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, and persistent dry cough. Therefore, making scheduled visits to your doctor is crucial to prevent yourself from developing something serious and consequently jeopardizing your life.

Be physically active

It is common knowledge that staying physically active keeps your health in check and increases your lifespan. It boosts your metabolism, burns calories, and keeps your heart rate steady. Moreover, it adds to your mental health by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

In order to remain physically active, you do not need to hit the gym for two hours every day. Jogging, cycling, and taking the stairs instead of an elevator are some small and convenient measures that go a long way. They allow your body to engage in some form of physical activity every day to remain fit and active. Moreover, you can also take out time and try different exercises at home.

All-in-all, regular physical activity increases your productivity and adds to both mental and physical health. Synchronize it in your routine for maximum and long-lasting results.

Avoid smoking and heavy drinking

If you wish to live a long and healthy life, staying away from smoking and drinking can be helpful. Nicotine intake can lead to an early death by putting you at serious risk of lung and cardiovascular diseases that can easily become fatal. Therefore, if you are a heavy smoker, consider quitting it. Go cold turkey! If that seems far-fetched, sign up for an intervention. The sooner you quit smoking, the more you will be able to prolong your life. Remember that it does not release your stress but adds to it by jeopardizing your health as a whole.

As for alcohol, heavy consumption makes you prone to liver, pancreatic, and heart diseases. Therefore, it is imperative to tone it down. If quitting altogether proves difficult, consider shifting to occasional, moderate drinking to prevent yourself from developing chronic and terminal illnesses. Wine is a better option than beer and spirits as it contains polyphenol antioxidants.

Maintain a proper sleeping schedule

The hustle and bustle of daily life take a significant toll on our sleep. It goes down in our priority list amid the workload, social life, and leisure that come with adulthood. While many play it cool and consider it a sacrifice for attaining their goals and aspirations, it is a big no for your health and fitness.

Having six to eight hours of sleep every day is crucial as it allows your mind and body to recharge, prevents heart diseases and dementia, and regulates cell function. Moreover, regularly compromising your sleep can make you anxious, weary, and irritable and tamper with your productivity, creating a domino effect of pessimism and failure.

Therefore, prioritize having those six to eight hours of sleep every day. Make a proper sleeping schedule and follow it regularly.

Seek a purpose

Fostering a purpose and striving to achieve it adds value and meaning to life. It keeps you driven and motivated even when the going gets tough. Meanwhile, the journey of attaining it equips you with patience, discipline, and resilience to your life, which are traits valuable for every aspect of your life.

Therefore, it is essential to set and seek a purpose. It could be anything, from a rock-solid career to serving humanity. Cultivate a passion or an endeavor that stimulates you and work on it to keep yourself motivated and occupied. In doing so, you will be able to reduce negative occurrences or situations that might get to you, your mental health, and your happiness. Remain focused on what matters.

Consume healthy food

A balanced diet is central to a long, healthy, fulfilling life. Fill your diet with fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and seeds. They are rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins that strengthen your immunity. Moreover, they lessen the risk of developing numerous diseases and illnesses and increase your life expectancy.

A healthy and nutritious body strengthens the mind and improves its functioning and productivity. You will also feel more optimistic and equipped to face your anxieties, troubles, and workload.

Therefore, integrate healthy food items into your diet to regularly benefit from their use. For instance, you can consume fruits as snacks and add vegetables to your meals and sauces. Here is a guide to help you incorporate healthy items into your lifestyle.

Prioritize your mental health

Last but certainly not least, keep your mental health in check. If something makes you stressed and anxious, sit and talk it out with someone or yourself. Look for ways to relieve it. If the situation accelerates, consult an expert at your earliest. Do not let it hang and consume you.

Do not hesitate to set boundaries with people who affect your mental health. Choose to spend time in the company of people who love and cherish you. You can also practice meditation to keep your mind at rest and at ease.

Moreover, take out time and engage in activities that bring you happiness and joy, irrespective of how silly it is or how good or bad you are with it. Be it a hobby such as cooking or exploring the outdoors, or habits like organizing stuff, engage more with it. It will improve your mood, bring you happiness and enhance your overall perspective on life. And do not miss out on moments of laughter with your friends and family. Increased happiness and stable mental health reduce the risk of heart disease and add many years to your life.


Longevity of life is dependent on several factors. While some of these are beyond your control, there are many habits you can nurture to increase your life expectancy. From your diet and sleeping pattern to your mental and physical health, there are many things that you can actively keep a check on to pave the way for a long and healthy life.