6 Ways to Update Your Space to Make it Comfortable


Getting your space to evoke those cozy vibes takes thoughtfulness and insight into the things that make you feel most at home. Not everyone is comforted by the same environmental elements, so it is crucial that you find the aspects of home décor and style that feel right to you for your own sanctuary. Here we discuss six ways to update the comfort of your space.

  1. Get New Bedding

Upgrade your bedroom with new sheets, blankets, and pillows. You want your bedroom to feel like a restful escape from daily life, so make it as cozy and comfortable as possible. Look for bedding made of soft, breathable fabrics such as vintage cotton and linen.

You can also purchase artisan bedding online, such as handmade quilts and blankets. Don’t forget to upgrade your bed to a cooling hybrid mattress if you’ve been using the same bed for a while now. You’ll breathe better and sleep better by routinely swapping out your mattress.

  1. Focus On Lighting

Don’t underestimate the importance of good lighting. If the tone is too dull, you might feel like you’re not uplifted or that your mood tends to be low when you’re at home. Humans are hard-wired to adjust to their environments, but specific environmental cues have historically helped us thrive, one of them being sunlight.

Aim for warm and even-toned lighting so that you get a consistent clean, bright light in your space. Feel free to balance out the lighting with bulbs and string lights in other shades, but for the most part, keep your lighting warm and consistent throughout your home.

  1. Hang Up Artwork

Decorate your room with artwork you enjoy to make your space warm and inviting. Refresh your space by adding artwork that you find soothing. Look for sleepy images like moons and stars or possibly photographic prints of the ocean.


  1. Purchase An Oil Diffuser

Indoor house plants are soothing to the mind and body. Being around nature is healing and can help make your space more comfortable. Plants improve the quality of air inside, giving you cleaner air to breathe in your comfy home.

  1. Purchase An Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy can do wonders for enhancing the feeling of a space. To make your home feel comfy, purchase an oil diffuser and seek out essential oils that you enjoy the scent of. Some options that induce relaxation include peppermint, chamomile, and lavender.

If you’d rather use incense, purchase a high-quality incense burner you enjoy and that will last you a while. Look for brass incense burners for an aesthetically pleasing accent to your home’s décor. You can also find room sprays in pleasant scents like eucalyptus and sage if you go that route instead.

  1. 6.Upgrade Your Coffee Station

Invest in a high-quality coffee maker, espresso machine, or tea kettle, and look forward to warm beverages from home. You’ll feel much more at ease knowing that you have the perfect pick-me-up station in your kitchen. If you’re unsure which machine to buy, look at reviews online to decide on the best purchase.

Be Intentional With Your Space To Make Your Place Cozy

Making your space more comfortable comes down to incorporating the small things that bring you peace and joy. Keep your area clean and upgrade your lighting, bedding, and self-soothing home goods to enjoy your environment.

Be intentional about the choices you make to make your space cozier. By making intentional choices, you can ensure that you’re purchasing quality items that will enhance how you feel in your home. Review the suggestions above to collect inspiration for upgrading your space.