What does ‘Pog’or ‘Poggers’ mean? “Pogchamp” Twitch Live Streams!

What does ‘pog’ or ‘poggers’ mean?

Are you wondering what this pogger or pog means?

While searching over the internet does a word confuse you? Well, Pog or Pogger is a popular word used over the comment section of TikTok, Twitch, and youtube.

Don’t be confused anymore. Let us help you to better understand what the term Pog or Pogger means.

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Pog or Pogger

The word Pogger is widely been used over the internet, social media, and other streaming channels.

Pog or Pogger is a term used by Twitch live streams. The popular Emoticon is used when something is exciting, of course, happens

They are most commonly found in the comment section of TiC TOCs YouTube, and Twitch. So whenever anyone is writing pog or logger it simply means Wow or amazing.

A Popular Emoticon

Pog is also a famous popular Twitch emote, which is featuring Peep the Frog, making and surprising facial expression.

This is similar to the excitement and celebration method using Pogchamp. This emote style as pogger was submitted to Twitch tv in 2017.

The Pogger is a twitch emote that has replaced the Pogchamp as an expression of excitement

Good or Bad?

The word Pog or Pogger is a positive word, which shows the excitement and surprise of a person.

The pog emote shows emotions using emoticons.



You can easily find both pog, pogger, or pogchamp over the internet.

Both Pog and Pogchamp are used to express excitement and surprise. There is only one difference between them.

Pogchamp refers to one person. When a player does something amazing. He is a Pogchamp. While pog or pogger is used to show your excitement level.


  • You are a pogchamp
  • No, after this game I will be a pogchamp for
  • After tomorrow’s game, everyone is calling him

Official Pogger face

The official logger face is of Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez. He is a popular Twitch streamer. The poker face is the face he makes when someone knocks on this camera.

Ryan Gootecks Gutierrez

He is a popular Twitch streamer. He streams games online. he is a veteran of the streetfighter community.

Another meaning of Pog

Another meaning of pog over the internet is to show the best in the games. In simple words, when someone performs best in a game he is referred to as Pog.

Therefore, if you find a pog in the game section then it means play of the game that means show best play in the game.

Pog meme

Pog or Pogger memes are memes related to them. There are several memes on the internet describing images and then using Pogger exclamations.

  • Usage of Pog and Pogger in daily conversation
  • Pogger! I danced with my crush
  • That was a Pogger
  • Wait, I will be ready in 5 mins. A wife, after 1 What a Pogger.


We hope that you are not confused about what Pago Pago means. In summary, it simply means, it is similar to words like awesome shock or excitement.