7 Sports that need Good Posture – Types and Benefits

Sports need good posture

Have you even notice a sportsperson’s posture? A good posture optimizes their performance and reduces the risk of injury.

Sports involve different postures. Before we get into different sports which involve postures, let us understand what it means by posture?

What do you mean by Posture?


Posture is how you hold your body. It generally means whether your body is positioned correctly and weight is distributed in a balanced way. There are two types of postures:

  • Dynamic Posture: – It involves posture while movement like running, dancing, etc.
  • Static Posture: – It involves posture while sitting.

But what is a good posture?

A good posture is associated with the position of the spine. A correct maintain natural curve of spines. It means that your body weight is perfectly balanced and no muscles or nerve is strained.

Benefits of good Athletic Posture

An athlete switches from position to position at a different speed. To move faster and save energy at the same time, A good posture is very important.

  • Reduces the risk of injuries: 

Sports involve a lot of physical movements which often results in injuries and wounds. A proper posture can reduce the risk of injuries to a great extend.

Some injuries can inflict on a sportsman because of a bad posture. For instance, A Ballerina has to maintain good postures otherwise she can get hurt while performing a particular dance move.

  • Enhance endurance Capacity:

Different postures affect lung functioning. A good postural train can help an athlete to improve their oxygen consumption and thereby increasing their performance.

Besides, they can conserve energy for a longer period.

  • Increase flexibility:

Many Sports require flexibility. A flexible body can be achieved by good postural training. A good posture can help the body attain flexibility without hurting any muscle or bone.

What sports need good posture?

  • Ballet

Ballet is a dance form which engages most of our body’s muscle. To execute every dance move perfectly and gracefully one needs to have a good knowledge of posture.

Moreover, Ballet requires your body to be fully flexible and have a proper balance which can only be achieved through proper postural training.

The first thing that is taught in Ballet is to maintain a posture for some time.

  • Martial Arts

Think about any form of martial art. For instance karate, taekwondo, judo, etc, the foremost thing that is taught to their students is to have a proper stance.

With a proper stance or posture, one can execute any kick or punch efficiently and with more power.

  • Powerlifting/Weight lifting

Another sport that requires a perfect posture is weightlifting. A weightlifter has to maintain a proper posture to be able to hold weight without hurting or strain any of his muscles.

A bad posture is very dangerous as it could lead to muscles or nerve rupturing. Moreover to hold a weight for a long time they have to maintain a required posture.

  • Horseback riding

Think about a running horse and you on top of him. Of course, you have to sit in a proper posture to attain balance. Otherwise, you would easily fall from the horse leading to several injuries.

A horse rider is required to maintain good postures other it can be life-threatening for him.

A poor posture can make for tense and gives you lesser control on the horse. A rider postures connect him to his horse and give him proper control over horsepower and movement.

  • Golf

A good posture is key for the perfect swing. If you stand in perfect accordance with your spine curve, your vertebrae can move easily, and consequently, you can achieve a great range of motion for the swing. This is one of the most difficult aspects of golf, so a lot of golfers/enthusiasts use golf simulators to practice consistently.

  • Archery

You may think that this sport only requires you to have a good vision. But besides, a posture or stance is important. A stance can help to hold your bow correctly and consequently aim better.

  • Running

A good posture can optimize your energy consumption and provide your energy for a longer time. Therefore a racer has to maintain his posture while running.

A good postural train reduces the weight on the body and also reduces the risk of injury by falling.

To conclude, we can say that a good posture helps to attain success in sport. Whether it is sports listed in this article or any other sport.