5 Pets that Doesn’t Bite to consider for any Age Group

What Pet Doesn’t Bite?

Do you have a kid in your family? Or you are scared of getting bitten by a furious pet? In either case, are you wondering which pets can you own? What Pets don’t bite?

Pets are animals which we keep as our companion. Unlike other animals used for livestock or some purpose, Pet is kept by owners for their pleasure and companionship.

Owning a pet can bring a ton of happiness to your house. But with such a variety of pets, you could get confused. Moreover, if you have a child in your family you should try to own a pet that has a friendly temperament and less likely to bite.

List of Pet animals that do not bite

Here is the list of pet animals that does not bite. This pets list includes animals that are very friendly and are safe to be own by a family with a child.

  1. Dogs:

Dogs are true companions of humans. They are truly man’s best friends. Even having a dog in your family reduces anxiety, loneliness, or heart attacks.

But you could be scared of these canine animals for their sharp teethes.

So let me introduce some super-friendly dog breed to you. These dogs’ breeds are friendly, loyal, and very unlikely to bite.

– Labrador Retriever: These are one of the popular choices for any dog owner. They are friendly, playful, smart, and whatnot.

They can make a good family dog, guide dog, and even a watchdog. Labradors can be a great option for you. They are very affectionate towards their family and will never harm their owner.

– Boxer: Despite their big and aggressive look. Boxers can be a great option for you. They have a big heart and especially when it comes to a child.

If not a bigger dog breed, then why don’t you own small dog breeds like Pug, Bulldogs, French bulldogs, etc.

– Pugs are extremely devotees to their family. They love their owner and especially their laps. These lazy dogs seldom have time to bite you.

– Bulldogs are wrinkly dogs. They are cute, friendly, and playful. They will never bite or harm their owner in any way. They are attention seekers and will try to please their owner however they can do. Here are a few dog food recommendations.

  1. Guinea Pigs: 

If you are bored with cats or dogs, then try owning a guinea pig. Guinea pig…what’s that?

Guinea pigs belong to the same rodent family as Hamster. They are very gentle and have a sweet disposition.

These rodents are very patient around your children. They don’t get irritated even when their young owners pet them. Even they love to be petted and held.

  1. Canaries:

What about adding some chirping in your house? Introduce your little child to these little birds.

The canaries are little, beautiful birds. They are very interesting to watch and they will fill your house will their pleasant chirps.

Some even learn to whistle and repeat you. Moreover, they are hands-off pets therefore won’t bite you.

  1. Rabbits: 

Who doesn’t love a little fluffy bunny? You can adopt these cute and fluffy little animals.

Rabbits are extremely gentle and sociable animals. If taken proper care they can be a perfect pet for you.

Also, they are easy to train, respond to your commands. Also, they have a gentle temperament and therefore are unlikely to bite.

  1. Fish:

Do not want a cuddling partner? Then why not own a fish.

Fishes are beautiful, dedicates beings. Even watching them calm your mind down. And of course, they live in water and can’t bite you or harm you in any way.

Fishes come in a large variety. But if are not someone who can take proper care of a big tank then opt for simpler fish species and choose a small tank but bigger than your fish.

No matter what pet animal you choose. Cat, Dog, Rodents, birds, etc. If an animal bites you they are generally being instigated. No animal hurts or harms any human intentionally. They only do it when they feel frightened, threaten, or are uneasy.

Therefore before having prejudices about any pet try to find the cause behind their aggressive behavior. Who knows, you may be able to resolve it and befriend your best friend again.