What is the Best Site to Watch Neon Genesis: Evangelion?

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Are you an anime fan? Do you want to watch exciting Anime series? Well, let me suggest one for you: Evangelion. 

It is an exciting series. It is an interesting story revolving around Angel, Evangelion robots and pilots. Confused? Well, watch the anime itself to know more. 

So, are you wondering what the best site to watch Neon Genesis: Evangelion is?

Well, let’s find out.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a Japanese mecha anime tv series. It was broadcasted on TV in Tokyo from 1995 to 1996. This series was produced by Gainax and written and directed by Hideaki Anno.

In Japanese, Neon Genesis Evangelion means Shineiki Evangelion. This means New era Evangelion. This story revolves around angels, Evangelion, and protecting humanity. This work was the result of Hideaki’s depression after his continuous failure.

Websites to watch Evangelion

– JustDubs

– KissAnime

– AnimeLand

– Animestreams

– GoGo Anime

Reasons to watch Evangelion

  • Powerful Plot: This is an exciting story about saving the world. This story focuses on two worlds: the outer and the inner world. On the one hand, our hero has to fight villains and with depression and low self-esteem at the same time.
  • Fight Scenes: This series has depicted the interesting fights between Angels and Evas Units. 
  • Characters: This anime has mind-blowing characters. Each is fighting with their reality. While our main protagonist fights off his feelings, you will understand and relate to him. Shinji’s past is full of depression, trauma, the early death of his mother, and ignorance of his father.
  • Character development: Till the end, our character’s personality is developed. All characters had come far from what they have been. Characters won over their childhood traumas and depression.

Story Plot

The Evangelion is set in a futuristic Tokyo-3 after 15 years of global cataclysm. The cataclysm is caused by angels who want to destroy humanity from the earth. Our main protagonist is Shinji Ikari. He is a teenage boy and is recruited by his father, Gendo Ikari. Here he witnesses the UN fighting against a Montouruos Angel.

Later his father forces the former to join the organization and become a pilot of a giant bio-machine named Evangelion Unit-01. He’s quickly summoned in the battle. He confuses the machine, which goes berserk and kills the angel on its own.

This giant bio-machine is made to fight Angels. These machines synchronized the pilot’s nervous system and possessed their force fields.

The whole series revolves around the Evangelion pilots, and other members of Nerf tries to explore their emotions and experience throughout their fight with angels. They will also understand the cause of events and the motive for human actions.

All the pilots are engaged in a continuous battle against angels to prevent any third impact from happening.

Meanwhile, he befriends his fellow pilot of Evangelion unit 00, who is a teenage girl Rei Ayanami. He becomes a team with Evangelion Unit-00 and 02.

With each battle, Shinji develops his skills. To know more, watch the series.

Character development

As the story proceeds, Shinji and other characters faces their biggest fear and trauma and tries to overcome them.


Neon Genesis Evangelion main Characters

Shinji Ikari– Main protagonist and pilot of Evangelion unit-01. His mother dies early, and his father neglects him. He is an emotional and hypersensitive child.

Rei Ayanami- Pilot of Evangelion- 00 and clone made from Yui’s DNA. She is also a close friend of Shinji.

Asuka Langley Soryu: She is a teenager with a lot of confidence and has a fierce temper. But she is a tormented soul from the heart. She also befriends Shinji, with whom she has an intense relation.

Other Characters: Misato Katsuragi (Caretaker of Rei and Shinji), Gendo Ikari (Shinji’s father), Yui (mother of Shinji)



This series has been adapted into films. In 1997, the first film was launched, Evangelion: Death and Rebirth, in March and the second The End of Evangelion in July.

Another movie was launched in 1998 named Revival of Evangelion.

In Sep 2006, Gainax announced starting a film series name Rebuild of Evangelion. This series included 4 films namely, Evangelion: 1.0 You are (not) alone, Evangelion: 2.0 You can (not) advance, Evangelion 3.0 You can (not) redo and Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice upon a time on 2007,2009,2012,2021 respectively.


Before ten months of tv broadcast, the Manga version of the series was launched. The character designer was Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. Though publishers were confused and doubtful about Sadamoto’s selection for the manga, this was a huge success. Over 15 million copies were sold of the Manga version of the first ten volumes.


Evangelion is an exciting anime. This story shows the weakness of the human mind how childhood trauma can lead to suffering. Moreover, it also shows solutions to overcome it. It deals with various themes, including Christianity, Judaism. There were used to make the series more exotic and exciting.

So don’t wait anymore; start watching it right now.