Common Signs of Incompatibility

Signs of Incompatibility

Relationships are a form of companionship between two people who have the same set of interests and goals. They are there to enjoy each other’s company, help each other grow and be there for the other individual at the time of need. The relationship is a beautiful gift from God that helps us find attachment with the other person and to love them fully and be invested in them. However, it may happen that at times you cannot find your suitable partner or you are with the wrong person. This is a form of incompatibility and nothing can make this fine. Let us see what are the common signs of incompatibility and why you should be out of it.

  • You cannot be yourself: You cannot portray your true self around that person because you are worried they might not like you. At the onset of dating, you tried to portray only your good qualities and didn’t truly express who you are. This is a sign of incompatibility as you should be with someone who truly 100% likes you and accepts you. Relationships are all about acceptance and being yourself around the other person.
  • The relationship generally feels draining or exhausting:
    it is a lot of effort to be with the other person since you don’t really enjoy their company. The reason for that can be because you guys have stayed for a long time or that person was different during the onset of the relationship. Remember that dating someone long term is going through a thousand different versions of them. They will change and evolve and if you feel like this bugs you then you can get out of it. You have to understand that love can go away at some point of time if things change. You will not be in love with the same person always.
  • There are significant differences in core values, life goals and belief systems: this is a huge sign of toxicity for most people. Our opinions and values are what we stand up for and if we have to change them for the other person then that’s not done. These opinions can be political viewpoints, generic life policies etc. You cannot stay with that person as you will end up fighting with them again and again.
  • You spend more time worrying about the relationship than connecting with one another: the fear of losing is when you both don’t truly like each other
  • Lack of empathy with regards to differences: there is often dispute due to differences and no form of acceptance is there.
  • The relationship makes you feel disconnected from yourself & what’s important to you: if the relationship makes you feel like you are not getting alone time or your space or basically you are in a scam relationship then it will make you feel disconnected from yourself and what’s important to you.