Why does Russell Brand have the number 33 Tattooed on his wrist?


Ever wondered about the meaning behind Russell Brands’ so many tattoos? Russell Brand has so many tattoos on his body. In addition, each tattoo has its meaning, purpose, and ideology.

Sometimes this may be not very clear. So are you wondering why does Russell Brand has the number 33 tattooed on his wrist? Or about any other tattoo of his?

Let’s find out about his tattoo in this article.

Russell Brand 

Edward Brand, better known as Russell Brand, is an English comedian, actor, host, writer, producer, and many more. He started his career as a comedian and later debut on TV in the show Big Brother’s Big Mouth. He did his first us film, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, in 2008.

He came into controversy after his marriage with popular pop queen Kate Perry in 2010. Their marriage only lasted for two years, and the couple was separated due to irreconcilable differences.

However, he is also famous for something else? What?


He is better known by his fans for his tattoos. Russell Brand has at least seven tattoos. Each has a special meaning and memories.

He has made tattoos of various kinds, including religious symbols of both Christian and Hindu. Let us find out more about his tattoo and associated meaning.

Different Tattoos


Lord makes me a channel of Thy peace with a Christ symbol

The tattoo is a long word tattoo reciting the prayer of St. Francis. This tattoo is on his right forearm.


He has a tattoo of many religious symbols on his right hand. The tattoo includes OM too. He respects Hinduism as it helped him to ignite spiritual knowledge in him. This tattoo helped him to fight his drug and sex addiction.

Anuugacchati Pravaha

He has a Sanskrit sloka tattoo on his right arm. It means to go with the flow. Kate Perry has an identical tattoo which she made while she was in a relationship with him. 

Eye Ball

He has a tattoo of the third eye or wisdom eye with om Namah Shivaya imprinted on his left shoulder. It symbolizes the third eye of shiva, which can cause extreme destruction.

West ham united logo

He has a tattoo of his favorite football team on his arm.


He has a tattoo of the word Ecstasy on his left hip.


On his right hand, he has a tattoo of Jesus Christ. Christ is the son of the Lord and is a symbol of resurrection.


Russell Brand has a tattoo of Lord Krishna, who is the ruler of the seen and unseen universe.


He also has a tattoo of Lord Ganesh. Lord Ganesh, with his infinite compassion, removes all obstacles in our pathway.

Russell also has a Sikh Symbol, Buddhism, a portrait of Mother goddess Durga (embedded initials of his wife and two daughters), and many more. In addition, I believe the count is not going to decrease any time soon. Why?

According to Russell Brand, he loves to do the repeats. And he seriously loves tattoos, different religious beliefs, and spirituality.

Why does Russell Brand have the number 33 Tattooed on his wrist?


According to Russell Brand, 33 symbolizes Christianity. Lord Jesus was crucified at the age of 33.


Russell Brand has many tattoos. Each is of different religions, beliefs, and ideologies. Why does he do it? Because he loves it. Yes, he is a free-spirited man and loves to do what he loves, Not complicated at all.

Well, probably while you are reading this article, that man has another tattoo.