Who would win in a Battle between Darth Nihilus and Sauron?

Darth Nihilus vs Sauron

Darth Nihilus, a human male who ruled as the Dark Lord of the Sith. He was the Dark Lord and the second leader of the Sith triumvirate (Darth Traya, Darth Sion, Darth Nihilus). Darth Nihilus, the one who can inhale anyone’s spirit just to meet his hunger.

Indeed, he seems so powerful. But, wait….Lord of hunger is Darth Nihilus! But Lord of…Oh I remembered, Lord of rings. Well, if we had mentioned this novel how we can forget Sauron.

Sauron is the creator of the Ring of powers including One Ring, the second Dark Lord. The powerful Sauron can even make the sky fall.

How interesting their battle would be! In their respective world, good Men defeated them. As we know, good always wins over evil. But, if these evil men were left together who would win?

Who would win a battle between Darth Nihilus and Sauron?

First, let us analyses their powers individually.

Darth Nihilus

Darth Nihilus

Darth Nihilus is the Dark Lord of the Sith. He is also the second leader of the Sith Triumvirate. He is a powerful lord with endless hunger. He can even consume the whole world simply to fulfill his hunger.

He is an ambitious and aggressive Lord, who would demolish anyone who denies his authority. He is the fore bringer of fear.

Darth Nihilus: Power and Abilities

Darth Nihilus has multiple power and skills which makes him the Dark Lord of hunger.

  • Combat skills:

    he is a skilled light stabber wielder. Moreover, uses an aggressive fighting style. He uses one of the great sith teachings that make him stronger. However, this drains his strength fast and therefore he needs to feed upon Force energies.

  • Force-sensitive:

    Darth Nihilus can feel force energy under his feet. He can find planets throughout the galaxy. Then wipe out the whole planet and its force users.

  • Hunger:

    Eternal hunger controls Darth Nihilus. He instinctively feeds upon people around him. Even his speech is painful and brings death to the listeners. People ultimately surrender themselves to him.

  • Telekinesis:

    Darth Nihilus is also the master of telekinesis. He can easily lift a starship and throw it around like a pebble.

  • Force power:

    Darth Nihilus is also capable of various force skills:

  • Force rage:

    It is an ability to use one’s innermost fear, pain, hate and convert them into a powerful rage. This can even boost agility, stamina, speed, and many more.

  • Foresight:

    Darth Nihilus is also capable of foreseeing vague impressions of future events or events happening in another place.

  • Other powers include Force lightning, Force resistance, Force scream, Force whirlwind, and Force healing.
  • Dark knowledge:

    Nihilus was also knowledgeable of dark powers. This helped him to increase his power and range of attack.


Sauron was a pure heart person who loved peace and order. But the original dark lord, Morgoth pushed him into the darkness. Under his apprenticeship, Sauron learned and acquired his knowledge, skills, and power.

He constructed the 10 powerful rings with the help of Elves to rule over the world. Among them was the ring to rule overall.

Sauron: Powers and Abilities

  • Superpower:

    Sauron is the sternest being in the whole world.

  • Weapon immunity:

    he is immune to any kind of conventional weapon.

  • Shapeshifting:

    He can take any form or appearance of his choice.

  • Nature control:

    He can control nature and the forebrain any natural calamity.

  • Meteor rain:

    He can even make the sky fall. He can summon any meteor to wipe out the whole army.

  • Telekinesis:

    He can lift objects with his mind.

  • Fire immune:

    He is invincible and cannot be harm by fire or fire-based attacks.

  • Immortal:

    He is practically immortal. His spirit is indestructible.

  • Other powers include teleportation, manipulator, and skilled strategist.

Who would win a battle between Darth Nihilus and Sauron?

Darth Nihilus would emerge victorious among them for sure.

Darth Nihilus is one of the most powerful Sith Lords and can even drain the life force out of this opponent. The powerful his opponent is the greater his hunger would be.

Darth nihilus VS Sauron


Sauron surpasses Darth Nihilus in terms of intelligence. Sauron uses his brain more in a battle.


Darth Nihilus is most powerful than Sauron. Sauron seldom uses physical strength to win over his opponent. On the other hand, Darth Nihilus is a wonderful Light stabber wielder. He can also increase his strength.


One of the shortcomings or weaknesses of the Sauron is his speed. He is hue and moves slowly. This gives his opponent enough loops and holes to fight back.
Darth Nihilus is much skilled than Sauron. While Sauron is powerful but only with his ring, On the other hand, Darth Nihilus is skilled, knowledgable, and powerful.

Moreover, Darth Nihilus is immortal and his spirit is indestructible. He can easily engulf Saurons spirit and one ring to satisfy his hunger.

Therefore, Darth Nihilus would be victorious.

Final Words

Who do you think will win? Do let us know your opinion in the comment section below…

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