Is WordPress Developer a Good Career? Explained

WordPress Developer

WordPress Developer is like a Website developer. The only thing that makes a WordPress developer different is his limited scope to WordPress only.

In today’s time, WordPress powers no less than 30% of websites over the internet. Besides, acquires 60% of shares in CMS all over the world. A WordPress developer is a Web developer who works on WordPress and creates customized websites for its client.

While the popularity of WordPress is not going south any time soon, WordPress development can be a good career for you.

WordPress developer

WordPress developer is Web developer working with Online CMS WordPress. Their daily job responsibilities are to design and create Websites using the WordPress creation tool. They work on the creation of custom plugins, themes, and modules for WordPress.

A WordPress Developers work has a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, etc.

Moreover, he should have a deep understanding of WordPress products, WordPress core, and PHP skills.

Three are mainly three WordPress developer:

  • Core Developer is developers who make changes in the code of WordPress core.
  • Theme Developers create customized themes for WordPress Websites.
  • Plugin Developers are responsible for the creation of WordPress plugins.

What does a WordPress developer do?

Job Responsibilities of a WordPress Developer:

– Designing the website

– Working as a back-end, front-end, or a full-stack website developer

– Creating custom or updating WordPress themes.

– Developing or configuring WordPress Plugins

– Boost the performance of the website

– Providing solutions to random WordPress issues.

Is WordPress developer a good career 2021?

A WordPress development can be a lucrative career for you. With the increasing popularity of WordPress, it can be a great career option for you. Even at present, it powers more than 40% of the web, and hence the demand for WordPress developers is high.

Still confused, don’t worry. Here we have listed some worth of noticing reasons why a WordPress developer can be a great career.

Reasons why you should become a WordPress Developer

  • Passion
  • Decent Salary
  • High Demand
  • Many job opportunity
  • Start a Website
  • Run your own company


Passion is the driving force behind any hard work. Thus, before you land upon any specific career, make sure you find your passion.

Ask yourself,

  • What do I enjoy doing the most?
  • Which field excites me more?
  • Where do I want myself 5 years from now?
  • Do I want a more fixed schedule job or a flexible work environment?

If your answers are matches any two or more among these:

  • Coding or developing great websites.
  • Technical or Computers
  • As a successful Website developer
  • Flexible work environment

Then congratulations, you have come to the correct website. Continue to read this article.

Decent salary:

WordPress developers can easily earn a decent salary.

WordPress developer salary varies depending on several aspects:

– Experience

– Field of expertise

– Amount of hours you contribute

– Client-base

– Place

– Skills and developmental knowledge

On Average according to glassdoor resource,

  • An entry-level or beginner WordPress developer earns $45,000.
  • Medium-level WordPress developer earns $63,000.
  • An experienced Developer can easily make around $74,000.

High Demand:

WordPress powers more than 29% of the website on the internet. It accounts for more than 60% of the share among the entire CMS platform.

Moreover, around 660 websites pop up every day. This includes Business Website, Personal blog, e-commerce websites, etc. And Its popularity is not going the south any time soon.

These websites need to optimize their websites for great traffic and high sale. Besides, you know that behind every amazing website there is an awesome Developer.

The websites owners are not expert to customize their website and hence needs to hire WordPress developer for it. Therefore, with a proper resume, skill set, and strong customer base you can be hired by an agency or as a freelancer.

Multiple job opportunity:

A WordPress developer can choose among multiple job roles:

  • WordPress plugin developer
  • WordPress theme developer
  • WordPress performance engineer
  • WordPress extension developer for plugin
  • WordPress framework engineer
  • WordPress security expert
  • WordPress migrations specialist

You can even work as Agency, Company, or Freelancer.

Start a Website:

If not anything else, you can start your own Website. With your technical knowledge and related SEO skills, you can easily earn bucks from your website.

Run your own Website development company:

What about starting your own Company? If you want to be your own, boss and provide technical help to the client. Start by choosing services you will provide, then register your company, take your business online and start marketing.

How do you become a successful WordPress Developer?

So do you want to achieve success fast? Are you looking for a perfect career for it?

Wait! No matter which career you choose, you will not be able to become successful if you are not the best. This is a competitive world and only the best one survives.

You need to be competent and skilled to succeed anywhere. Here are some effective tips that you can follow to become a successful WordPress Developer.

  • Expert of Programming skills:

The most obvious skills you need to have are Proficiency in Programming and markup languages. As a WordPress Developer, you need to have a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Php, Javascript.

They are essentials for you to troubleshoot, debug, and extend the functionality of the platform.

  • WordPress Expert:

Ok, remember what you are! WordPress Developer.

Therefore one thing you should be an expert of WordPress. Simply knowing the basics will not help you. You need to know the core features of WordPress.

A good WordPress developer can create a customized theme and plugins from Scratch.

  • SEO skills:

    A good WordPress should have essential knowledge of SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This handles website index on search engines.

  • Marketing Skills:

    A good developer is nothing with zero clients. You need to have Marketing skills to highlight your profile. Therefore, learn some marketing skills to increase your reach.

  • Time management:

Time management is an important aspect of every career. A good developer understands the importance of his time.

Therefore, he manages his time accordingly to complete his work beforehand.

  • Business skills:

You need to have a quality to sell. While you may be able to develop good tools and offer the best services, but without good business skills, you won’t be able to sell it.

  • Webster security :

Today when everything is online, cybercrimes have increased. Therefore, a developer should ensure his client’s Website security.

  • Continue Learning:

A successful person always reads. Therefore, a WordPress developer should be. Keep increasing your skills set, knowledge about WordPress development.

  • Mobile-friendly websites:

Nowadays, most of the website traffic is of mobile users. Thus one thing every website owner will ensure that their website should be mobile-friendly. Thus as a WordPress developer, you need to know how to write mobile-friendly codes.

  • Motivated:

Sometimes Things can be pretty boring and stagnant. At these times, you need to be motivated and remember your passion.


To conclude, we can say that a WordPress developer is a good career. All it wants is hard work, dedication, technical knowledge, and patience Besides if you feel you have them and you should go on with your choice.

When every business is going online, this career can be profitable as well as interesting. So, wait no more, get started.