Is Gardening Bad during Pregnancy? [Important Tips]

Gardening Tips During Pregnancy

Becoming a mother is a wonderful experience for a woman. But from the pregnancy news to the birth delivery you have to be extremely careful. From 1st month to last month you will a long list of what activities should be avoided during pregnancy?

Amidst what to do when pregnant and whatnot, your gardener self struggles its way forward. and questions: Is gardening safely while pregnant?

Well if you love gardening you should continue it though with some precautions and safety. But does this means: Is it dangerous to garden while pregnant?

Let’s find out…In this article we will discuss gardening and Pregnancy. Also, we will give you Top 10 tips (medically recommended) to garden safely during pregnancy.

Motherhood is the best emotion in the world. And I (everyone) respect it. Thus for you and your child’s safety, we have listed some of the precautions and safety tips. You can follow them and ensure your child’s safety without compromising your hobby.

Is Gardening bad during Pregnancy?

Gardening is an enjoyable and beneficial activity, especially during pregnancy. It helps to complete your exercise requirement and maintain your health without any risk.

Gardening itself doesn’t pose any danger specifically. It is safe to do gardening during pregnancy but with proper precautions.

Dangers of gardening while pregnancy

  1. Without proper covering working in sunlight can get your skin rash while pregnant.
  2. Pregnant women are prone to heat strokes in working under the sun.
  3. Lifting heavy pots or bending during pregnancy isn’t right for you. Also, hard physical work while pregnant is dangerous.
  4. A pregnant woman has a weak immunity system and thus can be inflicted by bacteria and germs from gardens soil.
  5. Due to a weak immunity system, you become highly susceptible to toxoplasmosis.
  6. Chemical exposure such as herbicides, insecticides, or pesticides can harm your baby’s nervous system and brain development.

Toxoplasmosis from gardening in pregnancy

Toxoplasmosis from gardening in pregnancy

Can you get toxoplasmosis from gardening? Well, not every time. But if your soil is infected by Toxoplasmosis cat poop, then this is a different story.

For most people, toxoplasmosis isn’t a big deal. But a pregnant woman has a weaker immune system. So if they are exposed to toxoplasmosis it can harm your baby.

Toxoplasmosis can cause miscarriage or stillbirth. A baby born infected by toxoplasmosis may experience birth defects mostly related to the brain and eyes.

Henceforth, you should be careful while gardening during pregnancy. Especially if you have a cat in your house or the neighborhood.

10 Gardening Tips during Pregnancy (What to Do and whatnot)

Motherhood is the best emotion in the world. And I (everyone) respect it. Therefore for you and your child’s safety, we have listed some of the precautions and safety tips. You can follow them and ensure your child’s safety without compromising your hobby.

  1. Proper clothes for gardening woman:

    While gardening, you should ensure proper clothing and coverings. Avoid working outdoors or in the afternoon. You can start an Indoor garden or Kitchen-garden.

    But if you have a lawn then ensure proper clothes for the garden while pregnant.

  2. Avoid contact with toxins and infections:

    Garden soil contains chemicals, harmful toxins from pesticides/insecticides, and germs. A pregnant woman with weak immunity is highly susceptible to getting infected with these.

    Also as mentioned above, pregnant women pose a high exposure risk of toxoplasmosis. And therefore you should wear gardening gloves, boots, and full-sleeved clothes while working in the garden. Also, avoid direct contact with soil as much as you can.

  3. Stay hydrated:

    Drinking water is the best thing anyone can do. And if you are a pregnant woman then you should do this. Always take a water bottle with you while gardening. Drink at frequent intervals even if you don’t feel thirsty.

  4. Posture matters:

    Correct posture while gardening is important for pregnant women. A pregnant woman can hurt or strain their spines and backs. And therefore you should not bend for a long time. Kneel instead of bending, use long-handled tools and ask for help whenever needed.

  5. No too hard work:

    Gardening is the best way to keep your body moving. Contrary to the belief of new mothers, you should always work and stretch your body as much as possible. It ensures normal birth and proper development of the baby.

    But this doesn’t mean you should start holding heavy loads or weights. You should never lift heavy pots and avoid digging soil or pulling weeds during pregnancy.

    A pregnant woman can do these garden activities:
    Watering the plants with pipes
    Planting window boxes
    Cutting or timing bushes
    Growing seeds
    Planting indoor plants
    Owning your Kitchen garden or terrace garden

  6. Integrated Pest Management:

    To avoid or restrict chemical use in your garden use the IPM method. IPM method aims to use alternative processes for pest populations rather than chemicals.

  7. Indoor plants:

    Indoor plants are the best way of gardening during pregnancy. It helps you to avoid infections, toxins, or overheating. There are many popular indoor plants you can row including snake plants, cactus, etc.

  8. Wash your produce:

    Well growing your own fruits and vegetable is a wonderful experience. But you should always wash your produce before consuming it.

  9. Keep cats away

    Make sure no cat enters your garden even if it’s yours. Here are some effective ways you can use to deter cats away from your garden.

    Plants Lavender, Rue, geranium, Lemon thyme, Or Cat Scaredy Cat plant.

    Spray some citrus juice or keep the citrus peel in your garden.

    Fence your garden

  10. Take breaks

Working for a longer period isn’t good for your health. Therefore take frequent breaks or try some other activities to change our mood. Always work in a garden with someone for help.

Final words

Gardening is a healing activity. It has several health benefits, such as protecting your heart health, lowering your BP, and lowering the risk of cardiovascular arrest. It also is a stress-buster and ensures emotional well-being.

With so many benefits, it is not good if you leave gardening because you are pregnant. With proper care and precautions, you can enjoy the process as well as avail by gardening’s benefits.